Why and what for Sarvodaya Sewashram?

The ancient learning and science which lay at the source of blissful living perpetuating the well-being of life, living things and the universe is what we today call a natural lifestyle. The erosion of natural living accelerated by ignorance and recklessness has bred sufferings, traumas and pains in the life of individuals. The unthoughtful yearning for an artificial living by leaning on machine and chemicals has pushed the world into a brink of disaster. Amid this perilous situation, the Sarvodaya Sewashram is born to pursue a noble cause of world building through the building of individuals.

Sarvodaya Sewashram right from its birth set out to conduct research works aimed at identifying sarvodayi or supreme models in the health, education and employment sector and spearheaded awareness campaign for the socialization of such models. Alongside it, the Sewashram by means of formal, informal and distant education sought to carry its peaceful and revolutionary campaign to larger populace.

In sowing the seed of Sarvodaya Sewashram, Dr. Hari Prasad, a senior expert on yoga science, natural cure, health and lifestyle, primordial knowledge and science, was immensely influential whose thoughts, approaches and feelings hugely facilitated the birth of the Sewashram. The Sewashram is honored to have Dr. Hari Prasad a lifelong supreme patron and the Hari Prasad Mission as a mother organization.

Where does Sarvodya Sewashram work ?

The road going to Manang from Dumre Bazaar, a small township on Prithivi highway (Kathmandu/Pokhara Highway), can lead one to Sarvodaya's working site. The site lies at a distance of 151 kilometer from Kathmandu and 90 kilometer from Pokhara. In pursuit of the stated objectives of the Sewashram, Tarkughat VDC (Village Development Committee) 2 & 3 and Mohoriyakot VDC 1 & 2 along with the district headquarters, Besisahar, have been selected as principal working sites to represent the Sarvodaya model. These places will function as Sarvodaya's base from where the Sarvodaya campaign will be launched nationwide.